Carlo Gébler in conversation with Sue Leonard

Carlo Gébler talks to Sue Leonard about his latest novel and his life


I meet Carlo Gébler at the main gate of Trinity College, in the heart of Dublin, where, as an assistant professor, he is teaching a course on writing for a living. In ebullient form, he tells me of an amusing conversation he overheard between a young couple the last time he lingered here. But when we repair to a bustling Buttery to chat, he tells me that he was far from happy last June.

A resident of Enniskillen in Northern Ireland, he was profoundly depressed when Britain exited the EU. It got him thinking about his London childhood, a time before the Continentals civilised the country. ‘London was horrible,’ he says. ‘Really, really awful. It was dark and backwards. It was an oppressive, not quite post-colonial world, but it created these radicals who wanted to pull the system down. […]

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January/February 2018 (issue no.377) 

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